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University Credit 
Earn University Credit
Through an arrangement with Chapman University in California, participants in the Educational Leader Program can earn graduate elective credits. The credits are not part of a degree program but instead are to be used for professional advancement. Five courses based on materials in Educational Leader have been approved for this program, as follows:
  • Educational Leader Literacy Coaches and Mentors, ED/D 9000
  • Educational Leader Learning Environments, ED/D 9001
  • Educational Leader Welcome to Teaching, ED/D 9002
  • Educational Leader Reading, ED/D 9003
  • Educational Leader Writing, ED/D 9004
Three semester units are awarded for successful completion of each course and a registration fee of $120 per course is payable to Chapman University. All instruction takes place online; however some interaction is expected with students of participants, or their parents and your colleagues.
Students are required to spend a minimum of 45 hours per course. Upon completing each course students will submit required assignments to Benchmark Education Company for grading. All grades will be Pass/Fail unless your district requires a letter grade. Please notify your instructor in advance, if this is the case.
In approximately 4-6 weeks after course completion, you will receive an unofficial grade report from Chapman University by postal mail. An official transcript request form is available at:
      If you have questions on registration, please email Ms. Geri Jamison of Chapman University at
      For answers to questions on course content, email Ms. Annyce Kuykendall at