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About Us 
Benchmark Education Company
Educational Leader TM is a product of Benchmark Education Company (BEC). Since 1998, BEC has published research-based literacy materials for supplementary and intervention use. Our materials are now used in over 15,000 schools and districts across the United States and abroad. BEC has extensive experience in addressing the needs of at-risk populations, both through published materials and professional development.
BEC resources are designed to supplement core reading programs. BEC programs offer teachers extensive support in each of the Five Essential Skill Areas of Reading First and are designed to promote the goals of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB). BEC programs and professional development provide research-based solutions for a broad array of state and federally funded initiatives, including Title I, Reading First, and 21st Century Community Learning Center grants.
On-Site and Online Professional Development
The need to improve the literacy skills of our children has never been greater, and the impact of a highly trained teacher cannot be overstated. BEC is here to help teachers maximize their efficiency and effectiveness with comprehensive, customized on-site and online training.
Educational Leader is our comprehensive online training site. It is complemented by our highly acclaimed on-site, face-to-face training programs, including Program Implementation, intensive training to help educators put our programs into practice, and OverTime TM Training, an embedded training model used in more than 300 sites across North America.
Contact Us
We invite you to contact us toll-free at 1-877-236-2465 to talk about how our line of classroom products and professional development offerings can help you meet your goals.